Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services
Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services offers a wide variety of services to assist our clients. Our services can help you at every stage of the marketing process. We can help you develop your marketing piece, write it, design it and get it printed for you. We can help you with media placement. And we can assist you in developing a marketing plan that best suits the needs of your company. Below are details about our services.

Graphic Design

Our goal is to create bold and exciting marketing materials that work for your company. We strive to help you create a distinctive image that separates you from the competition. By developing consistency throughout your marketing materials, we can assist you in the creation of a brand image that will generate new business as well as customer loyalty for your company.

First, we sit down with you to discuss your precise marketing needs. We find out what you are trying to accomplish with your materials: increase sales, maintain customer loyalty, increase referrals, inform your customers or whatever your needs may be. We then determine what has worked for your company in the past and what has failed. Based on all this information, we design your materials with your specific goals in mind.

Our design services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Brochures      Logos      Resumes
Newsletters      Advertisements      Handbooks
Postcards      Catalogs      Pocket Folders
Business Cards      Posters      Labels
Letterhead      Menus      Promotional Items
Envelopes      Sales Materials      Reports
Websites      Presentations      Invitations
Email Blasts      Forms/Invoices      Coupons

Our clients sometimes have a unique marketing project with which they need special planning and assistance. We welcome these projects and invite you to call us to discuss your individual needs. We are always open to new ideas and can help you with almost any marketing project.

Marketing Plan Development

When you know you need to be promoting your company but don't know where to begin, call Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services. We can assist you with the development of a marketing plan for your organization. We will sit down with you and discuss various marketing options that will help you meet your specific goals. We then research the various marketing projects you are interested in pursuing and develop an implementation plan based on your marketing objectives. Finally, we help you execute the plan to achieve your marketing goals.

Media Placement

For all your advertising needs, Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services can help you with placement. We can assist you in determining costs as well as which advertising avenue is right for your company. For print advertising, we can design and place all your materials. We can also help you coordinate television, radio and billboard advertising or whatever your needs may be.

Resumes/Cover Letters

When looking for a job, your resume and cover letter are your first impression. Let Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services help you create a resume and cover letter that put your best foot forward. We sit down with you to go over your current resume or your job history and make suggestions on content and layout. You will then receive a proof of your resume and cover letter to review. When your materials are completed, we will provide you with 10 printed copies of your resume on professional paper as well as your materials on a disc.


No matter what the size of your job, we can assist you with the printing of your materials. For small jobs, not only can we design your piece for you, we can print it as well. Many times, commercial printers are extremely expensive for small printing jobs. We can print your job for you with professional quality in a more costeffective manner.

If you have a large printing job, Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services is also the place to go. We work with a commercial printer so you don't have to. After your job is completed, we deliver it to our printer who then delivers your materials directly to you. We then bill you for everything, so you only ever have one bill to pay.


Whether you need to purchase a mailing list or you have your own list, we can manage your mailing. If you are purchasing a list, we can customize that list to target your company's specific audience. Your mailing will then be processed, sorted to achieve the best postage rate, and delivered to the Post Office.


Have you always wanted a certain marketing piece for your company but didn't even know where to begin? We can help. Based on our experience, we will sit down with you and help you write the best materials for your organization. We will gather information from various sources, including distributors' websites and your own company documents. With the information you provide to us, we can write and design an effective marketing piece especially for you.


Lisa Rabzak Marketing Services also offers typing services. Whether it's a report, a resume or any other material, we can type it for you. No matter what the size of the project, we can type it for you accurately and quickly.